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An expert in visual and graphic design, I like to tell stories.

Stories captivate, offer an experience and touch emotionally. They are alive and evolving, while conveying your company’s values.

I think that the goal of my profession is to forge the memory, the moment that will mark the mind – creativity in the service of your brand’s outreach through the web and print.

Be memorable.

Also, my name is Julie Benninger.




A true springboard of fame and sales, the web plays a major role in marketing strategy. The UX / UI design and definition of user needs are the key to a successful design of a site. A fervent user experience, I ensure the accessibility, visibility and credibility of the interface.


Establishing a consistency between the brand and its values, declining it through the staging of its products / services, reassuring and gaining credibility are some of my missions. From the design to the delivery of the project, I ensure that I maintain this consistency in relation to the graphic charter.



Print refers to all advertising and marketing media. Its strength lies in its durability and in the affirmation of the brand image. Deliver your messages and your business force through business cards, flyers, brochures and more.

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