Creation of a Store Locator


UX / UI Designer

6 months


  • Significantly improve Wefix’s physical point-of-sale location service.
  • Give a real presence on the web and mobile, adapt to the mobility of the user.
  • Optimize the SEO. 
  • Synchronize brand identity on the web and in-store through the Web-to-store, while draining more traffic.


Sabrina loves her smartphone, she uses it to call, take pictures of her adorable son and go shopping. She likes to keep up with trends, make wish-lists, scan articles. In short, her smartphone is her compass in expeditions to the mall.

His work has been of secondary importance since the birth of her child. She keeps an eye on her account to never be in the red, without depriving herself of organic products and small pleasures. She realized that her family was more important than her career.

She heard about a nearby Wefix corner in her mall but she never spotted it.

  • It’s been 3 months since her screen is broken, she doesn’t like the pictures of her son, her battery also starts to discharge faster and she doesn’t really have a good sense of direction.
  • She doesn’t have time to do everything she wants in one day.
  • She is not particularly passionate about Tech.
  • Find some time for her.
  • Drive her family life with zen-attitude.
  • Be a good mother.

Observations from conversations with sales, after-sales service, physics and Facebook.

" Would it be possible to get a map of the location of your corners ? "
Facebook Messenger - 04/04/18

UX Conception

In mobility:

  • One-click GPS location and shop proposals
    close by from the Home Page.
  • Google Map route highlighted on mobile.


  • Personalization of news and offers from each point of sale
  • Services highlighted: diagnosis, data transfer, buyback, etc.
  • Contact form

UI Conception

Text Content / Using the 5W Method / Story Telling:

These tools allow users to immerse themselves in the universe and tone of the company that wants to be credible but friendly and affordable.

The POS page borrows from the 5W method some questions that guide and transcribe the proximity and quality of reception in retail:

  • Who: Name of the outlet.
  • What: 2 services – diagnosis and online quote/ purchase of a reconditioned smartphone.
  • Where: Address/ timetable/ professionals on site.

The notion of local is one of the important values, it makes it possible to convey trust. These pages are then realized through the idea of uniqueness.

This translates into the humanization of the latter, such as appropriate wording, bringing a touch of freshness, the illustration of the team, a contact form or customer feedback…


Find the Store Locator here 👉